Thursday, July 20

Chapel Missions Moment for Team Brussels

"Well, we are here to report that the light of God’s Church has not gone out in Europe and saw that first hand during our week in Brussels.

We were privileged to serve alongside our Chapel Missionaries, Carlton and Shannon Deal, who are pastoring a church that is trying to make Christ relevant again to a city that has dismissed him as irrelevant and obsolete.

And it is fitting that we are focusing on love this morning, because their strategy to reach Europe is to demonstrate the Love of Christ through acts of service.

Our team participated in a week long project called Serve the City that coordinated 300 volunteers with 30 ministry locations and sent teams out to serve the community in the name of Christ. We taught young Muslim girls how to play basketball, painted young children’s faces at day camp, and even gave a manicure in a subway station to a homeless woman.

Last summer Serve the City in Brussels made such an impact in the community that this year Pastors in 5 other cities brought the vision to their churches and launched similar weeks of service. In fact today as we worship here, Serve the City Dublin has just begun.

We hope you will continue to keep our brothers and sisters in Europe in your prayers when you ask God to demonstrate his love to the world through His people."

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