Tuesday, August 10

All Good Things...

On August 4th, 2010, nearly 4 and 1/2 years to the day (Feb, 5, 2010) Addy made her inaugural trip to Wrigley Field. From the day Addy was born and we decided on the name Addison Clark Ritner, I have looked forward to taking her to her first game so she could stand on the corner of Addison and Clark and feel like there was a part of her Mom and Dad's love for Chicago in her life. Even when we created this blog, Life at the Intersection, I was foreshadowing our eventual trip to Wrigley.

With her passing that milestone and Jackson having just turned two, we think this is a good time to sign off from the family blog. Blogger.com is very time intensive to upload to and Facebook has just become more a part of our everyday online life. We will keep uploading pics of the family and even videos there.

If you are not already friends with us online, please find us and friend us:
I will warn you, Kristyn only accepts friends from Chicago...it is her way of not having to be Mrs. Reverend Ritner online. Nearly 1/2 of my friends are Chapel people.

Thanks for sharing in our lives online for the past 1,650 days!

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Warner Family said...

Y'all CAN'T do this to me!! I'm already totally emotional about how old our kids are getting and now you go and END your blog!! Is it really weird that I feel like crying?! :-) Ok-- so i'll try to get over it! Love to y'all!