Thursday, January 22

Sorry, I know I have been slacking!

Dad dressed Jack in this get up and Mom had a fit. I guess she seemed to think he had outgrown it!

Addy in her princess dress up from Uncle Dan and Aunt Kristin.

Notice the holding my own bottle trick..he is very proud.

Jack tends to be the receiving end of the affection, but don't worry, her time will come. He weighed in this week at 90% in height, and 20% in weight again.

Jack and his table toys.

Story time at Barnes with Na Na and Cara Ellis.

Making Cookies with NaNa

1-2-3 Thats it! You are getting a Timeout!!!

Addy jumping alongside Jack.

Best buds. They have more and more of these moments now!

Jackson wearing his new hat made by his great grandma Ankerberg.

Jax new animal truck he got for Christmas. He is very excited.

You can never train them too young!

Addy loves going on "car rides" with her buddies. You can see she drives a mini-van with about 8 seats, but the back one is a jump seat!

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