Sunday, November 2

Addy's One Liners

We had a horrible night tonight with Addy. She is getting sick and woke up feeling achy from her nap, which got Daddy and Addy date night off to a bad start. Addy asked Mom to come too, but then acted so bad at dinner that we bailed on the Chapel Family Service. When we got back to the neighborhood and she realized we were not going to church, she LOST it. Like, possessed by demons lost it. It was traumatic for Mom and Dad, but we feel better knowing that Kristyn's parents often thought that little toddler Kristyn needed an exorcism as well! The night ended with Addy sobbing in bed to Dad saying, "Can we try again tomorrow Dad? Can we go to church after I rest tomorrow please!?"

Here are some other quotes that we had to reflect on tonight to refresh our memory with positive thoughts of our princess.

"MOM, Jackson is touching my private parts!"

"Dad, Jackson looks so much like a baby."

"Dad, can you fix the bed, my sheets are all shifty"

Addy: (While jumping on her bed) I'M A GOOFY GIRL, that's what dad says.

Dad: Addy do you know what animal turns into a butterfly?
Addy: Yeah, a raccoon. (vs. cocoon)

Mom: I love being with you Addy
Addy: Thanks Mom, that was kind.

Addy: (to Dad while I had my face covered with shaving cream) Dad, you look like Noah! (I guess every time she sees Noah in Bible pictures he had a white beard.

Addy: (to Mama Phyllis from the Chapel office while babysitting.) Ok, we can play chase one more time, then it is time for me to go night night.

Mom: Addy, remember what Jesus said, be kind.
Addy: No that's not what Jesus said. Jesus said play!

Addy: (from the bathroom) "MOM, do you want to come see my poopies?"

Addy: (to Brett and John during NFL watching) You guys want to come watch me go potty?


Cary said...

I love that she flipped out because she couldn't go to CHURCH. You guys have nothing to worry about.
Cute kids!

Runnerjess said...

Oh my goodness! We sure love that Addy--I had to laugh out loud and read those twice!