Saturday, August 30

Addy and Daddy Weekend

Mom and Jackson went to Chicago for Grandpa Ankerberg's Memorial Service this weekend with all the Ankerberg cousins. It was a little pricey for us all to go, but we are making the most of our weekend home alone, trying out some new Matchbox cars and tracks, watching Veggie Tales VHS tapes that were being tossed from the Chapel Library (10 in all), and hitting the pool as often as possible.

Mom took the camera, so no pics until Wednesday, but here are some of Addy's new phrases that I am not even sure where she picked up.

"That is my favorite X in the whole world!"
"Thanks Dad, that is the coolest toy ever!"

And she had Uncle Brett and I dying laughing last night as we read Llama Llama, Red Pajama, when she kept trying to say it herself and was yelling, "YAMA MAMA 'JAMA!"

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