Wednesday, May 14

Finally, There May Be Hope Yet

It only took 26 months, but finally, Addy has shown some athleticism, catching a soccer ball for the first time last week with Uncle Brett. Not sure what twirling is all about though?

Here Mom tries to take it one step further and explain the etiquette of volleyballs. Of course, laying down the law only increases Addy desire to sin!

As far as throwing goes, she still thinks it is necessary to run up to someone before throwing the ball at them, which makes for a rather intimidating game of catch, even with a two year old. Don't laugh, have you ever tried catching a bouncy ball at point blank range?


Sarah Rothell said...

Very cute videos by the way! I guess we'll share Uncle Brett with you!!! Haha! I just posted a pic with Brett on Maddux's site today, what a coincidence!

Sarah Rothell said...

Very cute post by the way! I guess we can share Uncle Brett! I just posted a pic of him reading with Maddux!