Monday, February 6

Hold on to the Memories

5 PM
Well, most of day was spent just doing this. Holding Addy and telling her how cool she is. Kristyn had a great session with the lactation consultant, Kris, who is a wealth of knowledge. Addy has met the parents of some of her future best friends, Braden Lee, Cara Ellis, Aly Warner, and Hudson Sylvester. It won't be long before they will be hanging out at WCC on Sunday mornings, having sleep overs and dating each other. Well, not our Addy, but other girls will begin dating.


Corey, Danielle and Hannah Paxton said...

You guys look wonderful! And we think Addy is the second cutest baby girl we've seen. :) Congratulations! We love you.

Aunt Jessica said...

Hey guys,
I wanted to tell you that I will be thinking of you today as you head home. I wish, more than anything, that I could be there to hold Addy and hug you both! I miss you so much and it has been fun to be glued to my computer this weekend and watch the life of Addy unfold. I love you both dearly...have fun showing Addy her new home!
Sister/Aunt Jessica