Sunday, February 5

Not everyone you meet in cyberspace at 1 AM is evil

1 AM
No more progress to report. Babies are popping out everywhere on the hall now. 5 labors are down to 2. Kristyn continues to sleep in between check ups. My father, the original Pastor/Webmaster Ritner has been staying up online with me keeping me company as I work. Got to love a dad who has to preach in the morning and still writes this, "I may doze off and come back .. but I can hear the email beep ... so send a few emails to get my attention if you like ... I can run on little sleep and nap in spurts ... I want you to know that I am in the virtual room with you ... if you need me"

Feeling the love dad, feeling the love!


Vern said...

Thought I'd pass on a little note of interest during the early hours.

The Tribe beat Georgia State!

I was the lone representative of Babies R Us SG.


ryan said...

this is going to take forever!!! good luck tonight.

Aunt Jessica said...

Bro bro.
I am here for you too. I may not be up all night like dad...but I seem to be running to check the computer every time I roll over. I am thinking of you and wish I could be there to hang out pass some time with you. You'll always remember this night! Hearing the heart monitor couting away your new baby's heart Love you!

bryce and laurie said...

great tribe game although they did have a guy dunking all over the place for georgia state.

braden has decided that he would like for addy to come out and play since he will not go back to bed.

keep it up