Thursday, February 9

Keeping up with the emails

Thanks for all the emails and responses to our website. Dad loves making it and it allows us feel like you are all right here with us in Williamsburg. Grandma French leaves tomorrow and Kristyn's parents and brother, David, will be coming in for the weekend. We have been posting all your comments and saving your emails so we can make a scrapbook of the whole experience for down the road. For the next level in parenting reality, Dad is thinking about installing a webcam in the nursery so you too can experience the frustration and compassion of being up all night with such a helpless little creature.


Sue Scott said...

Hi Jon and Kristyn! My daughter, Abigail, and I are so enjoying being part of the fun of Addy's arrival, so we can be supportive "with understanding" when Grandma Janet gets back to Wayne.... I know she'll be going through baby and kid withdrawal BIG time!! Thanks for sharing all the stories and the photos with us. BTW, when I click on Addy's online album, I get stuck on Day 3 - can't seem to see anything new you've added. Is there something different I'm supposed to "do?"

Give your mom a hug for us - tell her to watch out for the snow storm coming home and plan her departure accordingly. There's a good chance there won't be many people at church Sunday morning!!

Warmest wishes,
Sue Scott

Dan said...

Hey guys,
My class is taking a test so a perfect time to catch up via the internet. I haven't seen anything new on snapfish? The same videos and photos from the first time I looked. Do I have to click on something to see the new stuff? Let me know. Addy sleeps in crunched positions: Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, that's how her mom used to like to sleep.

Uncle Dan