Tuesday, February 7

Can't get enough of the Pretty Princess?

If you are hooked on simply staring at Addy like her Mom and Dad are, you can click on the link to the right of this page entitled "View Addy's online album" and look at all her pictures and videos on Snapfish.com. Simply create a personal registration, and follow the pages to our online albums. We update them every time we take pictures, which is often since Dad (aka Clark W. Griswold) is kind of shutter-happy. There are fresh videos of Addy gettting into her big coming home outfit and Mom walking her to the house. Plus some great pictures of the first three days that didn't make the website. You can order copies directly from the site for the same price as film development and then get them sent to you at home. Feel free to order anything on the site, or send in requests for specific pictures.

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Jack & Verna Armstrong said...

Hi Kristyn and Jon, We have been watching your progress to parenthood with prayers and much excitement. Thank you for sharing! Kristyn, you are beautiful and so is darling little Addy! What a gift! We love her name and the story that goes with it. You two are about to embark on a most wonderful journey. It's beautiful, it's loving, it's scary, it's difficult, it's hilarious, it's a blast and it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever experience in your in lives. Trust God, keep your love strong and you'll do fine. Well, except for one thing. Kristyn, take our advice and when the time comes for Addy to get her drivers' license, make sure that YOU give her the pointers on driver's etiquette, OK? 'Sorry Jon, we couldn't resist! (Memories of Breckenridge, CO, just now popped into our minds.) Love to all, Addy's great-step-grandparents. (Jack and Verna)