Friday, February 17

Father Daughter Valentine's Banquet

Addy made her first official Chapel outing at the Annual Father Daughter Banquet that Jon runs every year for the Men's Ministry. Kristyn gave Jon the idea 4 years ago after having gone to one with her dad as a little girl. We maxed out the room on the Yorktown waterfront at 100. Here is the new family before the dinner began. Kristyn and Addy went home before the meal and were greeted with a big surprise. One of Kristyn's closest friends, Anita, who recently moved to Indiana when her husband took over a church there, flew in for the weekend to be with her.

Don't you like Mom and Dad's matching stripes? Yeah, Mom dresses the family pretty well!


Amanda Osness said...

Kristyn- Kim told me about your site, its great! Such over-achieving parents already! Addy is beautiful (you both look great too) I almost died when I saw the picutre of your brother- I thought he was still 8, and your parents are so cute too! Well- Congratulations! Hopefully we will be able to coordinate a trip to Illinois in June, I would love to be able to hang out.

Aunt Jessica said...

You guys look great! Kristyn, all my friends who saw this picture said..."Oh my gosh! She is gorgeous...she looks amazing!" Just wanted to pass that along....I am also amazed at the matching outfits. Love you both!

Brenda & Chris Jones said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! You all look beautifully happy. We miss talking to you, but know that you are enjoying your time with your newly expanded family.


Brenda & Chris and the folks at Printwell.