Monday, February 27

Nothing Like a Good Poop!

Well the highlight of the Ritner's day is a good poop from Addy. She has been having some bad gas and is pretty miserable when she cant get things out of her system, but when she let me tell you, what a mess. Addy's "blow outs" are quite a sight to behold. We have become believers that the Pampers Swadlers are the only diapers that can hold Addy's thunder. The Huggies and Target brands simply can't take what our little girl can dish out! She ruined another onesie and sleeper last night with her first good one of the day. Here she is in her favorite outfit, nothing, after her bath. She slept great over the weekend and was wonderful at church on Sunday morning, at the grocery store on Saturday, and she slept all Saturday night while Mom went out with friends and Dad worked from home.

There are 2 new videos and more pictures online from the weekend. She has begun to stick her tongue out and is beginning to be able to do it as a response to us sticking ours out first. We will try to get some videos of that. Today we are taking her for her first walk around the neighborhood.

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