Saturday, February 4

Sleeping Beauty

3 Hours into the epidural and Kristyn has progressed 3 more cm to 7 total, plus she is 90% effaced. Nurse woke her and Addy up to check them and then let them go back to bed. At this rate it should be about 2-3 more hours until she is 10 cm. then comes the fun part, the final PUSH. And of course in the midst of all of this, all my wife can seem to say is, "I feel so bad for you, are you ok staying up by yourself." I couldn't sleep if I wanted to, the rush is too much.


Ryan and Colleen said...

We stayed up as late as we could waiting for the arrival of Addy....can't wait to wake up to a picture of the beautiful baby girl!!!! Good luck!!!!

Vern said...

Wow Jon, this is amazing! I've never had the privilege of following the play by play of someone in less someone I know.

You are all in my prayers. Sue would be excited to see this but will get to see this later when she returns from women's retreat.

Thanks for sharing this exciting moment in your lives! We look forward to seeing Addy when she's "up and around".


Vern (for both of us)

The Deans said...

Congratulations. Can't wait to see Addy in person.

God Bless

(Laurie's parents and Braden's grandparents)