Sunday, February 5

Look at those locks!

Well one thing is for sure, she has momma's hair. Addy's hair is longer than most of Daddy's hair. It is even a little curly on the top. Addy hasn't eaten again since 5, but that is to be expected, so they say, on day one, since all she really wants to do is sleep. Dad got to change the first diaper and Mom is basically bedridden with all her swelling. We may have spoken too soon in saying that Kristyn was doing fine. Lets revise Mom's status to ok. She has been able to hold the baby and goto the bathroom, but it all leaves her shaky and exhausted. We hope the drugs get completely out of her system soon and that her body makes the blood back that she lost, which was quite a lot. We are all trying to sleep some before Grandma French (Jon's mom) gets here and the big game begins at 6PM.


Grandpa Gary said...

Sure had fun showing pictures to all the people in my church today. The sermon was supercharged with enthusiasm thanks to Addy's arrival and the lack of sleep and abundance of coffee this am! Thanks for a great gift of a grandchild - we are celebarting! Pam is ecstatic too!

Pam said...

Oh Dear Ones, what A joy! Little Addy, welcome to the family! You've chosen a good one! I can't wait to meet you!

Jon and Kristyn, It's hard to imagine how your heart can handle the intense love that you feel for Addy, isn't it? The amazing gift that God gave us is that our hearts expand, our love grows and grows with each passing moment of our children's life. That means, dear ones, that our love for you has been growing all these years. It is large enough to reach across the miles and hold you close, whispering, "You are going to be such great already are."

Thank you for the gift of Addy. I love you! Pam