Wednesday, February 8

Fun in the Sun

Most babies, after they are born, get a little jaundiced, or yellow tinted, in their skin as a natural result of their excess red blood cells from the womb being eliminated through their kidneys and skin. To help, the doctors encouraged us to lay her in the sun, which Mom was more than willing to do, since this will be a future bonding activity for mother and daughter in the summers ahead, I am sure.

Addy slept from 1AM-6AM downstairs on Grandma's lap on her first night home after fussing in the crib after her 11 PM feeding. That allowed Mom and Dad to get a good 6 -7 hours of sleep. Doctor checkup today to draw blood from Addy, but in a move of team solidarity Mom and Dad gave blood as well for new life insurance policies on each other. Dad worked half day at the office and half day at home. Now that we are home, we will try to post 2 new updates and pictures a day, and keep the rest of the pictures on her online album.

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