Sunday, February 12

Another restful night-can you believe it?

Well Addy is on a great sleep schedule. She goes down at midnight, sleeps until her feeding at 3, and then sleeps again until her feeding at 6. That has allowed Mom to start to feel more rested. Dad has the fun job of keeping Addy awake during the day as much as possible. So when she goes to counseling in her 30's and claims to have aversions to people touching her feet or pinching her cheeks, I will be the one to blame. Feeding is more painful for Momma than anticipated, so we are looking for other mothers who chose to stop breastfeeding at some point early on, to come out of the woodwork and encourage Kristyn that if she has to start pumping instead, she will not be alone. Dad got to introduce Addy through a picture to the Chapel this morning to a rousing ovation. The rest of the family stayed home as the snow flurries are beginning to come down.

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Sue Scott said...

Something to consider in the nursing department (from someone you don't even know, but since it helped me I thought I'd share)....when my son was born, I had a terrible time nursing - PAINFUL!!!! I began to use a rubber "guard" that served as protection between me and that hungry little guy - it was a lifesaver, and enabled me to nurse Daniel until he was 8 months old when he decided it was just too hard to look around the room and nurse at the same time! Just thought I'd mention it if you want to touch base with the lactation consultant at the hospital - I would assume they still make them.