Friday, February 24

Our Little Greaseball

Addy's hair continues to grow! We now have to give her a bath each night just to keep it looking respectable for company. She has had some bad gas recently and is more fussy than normal. Mom is trying to cut some foods out of her diet to see if that helps. Plus we are looking for a home solution to get baby poop out of clothing. Addy is ruining her night gowns with stains that we cant seem to get out.

Dad is doing his first funeral today and has been out of the house every nigth this week with small group training events, so he is looking forward to the weekend. Cubs tickets go on sale today at 11 AM so the Ritners are beginning to plan Addy's first outing to the big ballpark. Late May early June, then Dad might come back to see the Cardinals in town in July/August.

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