Wednesday, July 16

Praise God!

Just talked to Doc and Katie and all the tests came back negative and the doctors released them to go home and get some sleep. Finn has been fine all day since his seizure last night (except for waking up kind of rough from the anesthesia, and the Pediatrician will follow up this week.

Patrick sends his appreciation for those who prayed and thought about them today, as do I!

"Hey Everyone, We got the green light last night to go home from the hospital and took it. We got home about eight o'clock and were asleep by eight-fifteen. Finn is fine. He's playing and cooing and pooping and doing all the things a four month old should do. The doctors really have no idea what caused the seizure, but they think it may be fever related. So we're supposed to be pretty agressive about giving him tylenol when he starts having fever signs.
If anyone wants more info, please give me a call. As for now Kate is home with Finn and I'm at work trying to get back to normal life. Thank you for all your prayers and emails. We all really appreciate it. -Patrick, Kate and Finn"


Future Bulldog said...

Mark, Hans and I prayed for them last night. We will continue to pray. I am totally freaked out about vaccines with all that has happened to my friends and some students at my school. I never understood why prof Rentas and Shelton where so against them. I remember having a three hour discussion with Rentas and why his kids didn't get vaccinated. The more research I do I am understanding. I told Kirsten because she is always telling me about what Sam encounter and she said to watch Larry King with Jenny McCarthy. All the stuff she had to say I have heard in the research I have done for my friends. It's on youtube. I will continue to pray! I would have emailed you but I don't have your email.
Love ya Kari

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Rit. Kate's at home with him today and I'm at work. We're just relieved to be out of the hospital. I'll call with more details when I get them.