Monday, July 7

Little Dude

Well this is pretty much the extent of Jax awake time. Sitting propped up somewhere with his hands tied down so he doesn't poke his eyes out. We do give him some tummy time and some stretching time each day, but other than eating, he doesn't last long in this position before he falls back asleep.

Amazingly for Mom, he has been sleeping from 10:30-3AM and then again from 3:30Am-7 AM with just the one feeding at 3. It has been great since Dad can do the 10:30 and 7 and mom only has to get up once to feed him at night. Grandma left today, so Kristyn may not get the naps she has been getting with extra help here, so now the real fun begins.

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Sarah Rothell said...

So cute! I can't wait to meet him! Has Uncle Brett met him yet?