Monday, July 14

Family Date Night

We took the family out on Friday night to Uno's for our first family date night as a 4 man team. We called ahead for our pizza, since they take forever, and then they made the wrong one! But the manager remade ours and gave it to us to go as a gift. So we ended up with a 2 for 1 pizza deal and didn't have to wait for 45 minutes for a pizza to be made. We topped that off with some DQ on the way home!

Addy is all into playing doctor and putting band aids on everyone and then ripping them off.

When we were leaving, we saw a Harley sitting the parking lot and Addy was fascinated with it. She wanted to go touch it and then started into a long impression of a bike. This was the tail end when she got goofy about it.

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