Wednesday, July 2

Addy is ready to change her first diaper today

We are heading home this morning. Jax passed all of his health tests last night and is eating great. Too great actually, we over fed him last night and he ended up with some cramps and gas in the middle of the night. Or so they say, since Mom and Dad were fast asleep in our own room. Hey, for the money you pay around here, you better get some free babysitting. Mom took some Ambien and slept through the whole night, unlike Monday when she had a tough time. Addy will be very excited to have us all home. She cried hard yesterday when she left, and she showed her emotions by being cuddly for the first time in forever with us before she left.
We will post some more videos and pictures by tonight once we get in a settled.

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David said...

Oh my gosh! I just found out about Jackson today!!!! He is so beautiful! Congrats to you all! Addy suddenly seems so big, she's already a great sister. We love you, The Fryes