Saturday, July 5

Stars and Stripes

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Jon and Kristyn Ritner said...

Dear Jon, Kristyn, Addison and lil Jackson,

Congratulations to Mom, Dad and especially Big Sis on the new addition. We look forward to see the entire “gang” at the Chapel. We love you guys!

Jim, Deelyn, Abbie, Ryan and Mitch
Congratulations brother...I am so happy for you. Im glad that he came in before the 6th for that would be cut off date for ncaa 2023 clearinghouse rules. please, send him via-fed ex. and will get him on a program asap.

Seriously, congrats. you are an amazing father.

Jay Cardiello

awesome news. we are happy for you.
Joel and Emily Penner

Gongrats! I am glad to hear that all is well with both Mom and, how is Dad doing? If I remember correctly when Tanner was born, the doctors seemed to forget to give ole' Dad any sedatives....hope you are rested up ...

Give our best to little Jack and Mom. I am sure he'll be beating his dad at golf, softall, etc. before too long.

Stephen Noffsinger and family


great to see you all doing well ... looking forward to more pix ... talk to you soon!

Berea Berkeys