Monday, January 18

Sunday School Showdown

At Sunday School yesterday, we heard there was some commotion between Addy and her friends and a new boy who was in the class for the first time. Turns out the new boy was being mean and bossing kids around. At one point, he yelled at Addy and she walked away and told her friends that he is not being nice. So three of her friends walked back over there with Addy, surrounded the boy in a circle, and then Ella points at the boy and asks Addy, "Is this the one?" When Addy says Yes, Ella pushes the boy down to the ground.

Now we don't support or condone 3 year old girl gangs, but if we did, we like the ones who look out for Addy.

Later I asked Addy what she can do when someone is mean to her. (If you are scoring at home, the right answer is, "Walk away.") Her answer...."I can use my superpower and yell, "ZAGAA" and everyone has to back away from me."

I guess that is an option as well...

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