Monday, January 25

Our Sweet Girl

Here are some great quotes from Addy lately.

A: "Look at those big clouds Dad. Jesus is on those, He is so lucky."

A: "I am going to marry you, Dad"
J: "You can't marry me, I am married to Mom. You willl find some boy who will love you even more than me."
A: "Dad, no one can love me more than you, you're my hero!"

Addy woke me up the other night at 2:00 AM telling me she had a bad dream. I told her it would be ok, and she needed to go back to bed. She cried and told me, "No! The bad dream will come back." So, I walked her back in her room and she asked me to sing her a song and scratch her arms. After singing, she says, "Thanks Dad, I think the bad dream went away now."

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