Sunday, January 3

Christmas in Chicago

Mom and the kids flew to Chicago on December 11th for a wedding and to visit Nana and Papa. Mom said the new portable DVD player we got ourselves for Christmas made all the difference o this flight.

Addy and Mom took a date day and went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks together.

The McKendrick Clan

Uncle Dan, Aunt Kristen and Skylar.

Four generation of Ankerberg/McKendrick ladies.

Christmas jamies.

Ah...the Chicago cold.

Addy and Skylar

Watching football with Uncle Dan.

After Dan's Deefield Basketball game.

Loving her Dunkin Donuts like Papa McKendrick.

Making a snowman. Addy was very excited to have real snow to work with as opposed to Virginia snow which melts by the time you get you warm clothes on you.

It was a Disney Princess themed Christmas all around for Addy.

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