Friday, April 28

The Virus is Spreading

Well, there will be no Friday morning post because I have my hands full with Addy this morning. Kristyn has caught whatever Addy had, but worse. Her cold has spread into her ears and to top it off, she can't seem to fall asleep. Dad is working from home today to allow Mom to try get some rest and we had to cancel our tickets to a Charity Auction that we were very excited to go to this evening to make things worse. Oh well. Pray for Kristyn today if you get a chance, she is on ear drops and some other medicine to try to get her feeling better.

The good news is Addy slept through the night again; back to her pre-sickness ways. She goes down at 7, gets a bottle at 10 and then sleeps until 6. The joys of growing up. Now if we could just get her to put the pacifier back in her own mouth during her daytime naps, we would be all set.

I will try to get some pictures and a video up by this evening. Check back then. Thanks for all the clicks and searches! You earned $1.18 for Addy yesterday alone!

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