Friday, April 7

Future For Sale

Saturday morning we are having our yearly garage sale with Aunt Susan and Uncle Len who live in town here with us. Last year they made over 700 bucks selling their antiques that they collect in Maine over the summer. We made 150, enough to buy the digital camera we use for the blog. This year we have already had people putting notes in my mailbox asking to see the items in advance so they can get a head start. Somehow I don't think it is my old PS2 games and extra little league jerseys they are coming to see. We will tally up the numbers for you on Monday. My prediction, JKA make 125 (although we are trying to sell Kristyn's Buick Century) and Sue and Len make 600.

Speaking of money, YOU can help put Addy through college just by visiting her blog. Every time you click on the advertisements on the right bar, or use the Google search bar on this page to search the web, Google makes a deposit into Addy's AdSense account. The search bar accesses the same information as Whatever is in the account at the end of the year, we will invest in her 529B account for college, where it will double, and triple over the next 18 years. So click away and help keep Mom and Dad out of the poor house and ensure that Addy doesn't have to go to Phoenix University Online.

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