Friday, October 27


Last night the Chapel Junior Slam completed their undefeated season winning the semi finals 14-10 and the championships 12-10 to wrap up a 14-0 Fall Season. In classic Slam form, we let them load the bases with 1 out in the 5th and no outs in the 6th before deciding to turn on the defense and escape BOTH innings without letting in any runs. We took pictures to send in to Louisville Slugger as a Testimonial of the power of the Catalyst bat. This summer we were 6-8 and only one player on the team had hit a ball out of the park. This fall we each chipped in to buy a $250 bat and one season later we went 14-0 and 5 different players hit at least one homerun! (Jon would NOT be one of them!) Ah...the sweet smell of perfection will linger in the Winter air until next May when the County bumps us up a leage and we get massacred again in C league.

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