Tuesday, March 17

Sorry about the silence...we are still getting used to a new camera we got and Dad got a new laptop to figure out...plus sick kiddos, doctors, and long ministry weekends...

Here is one funny story, pics to come soon I promise.

Mom and Addy looking at picture of kittens...
Addy: I really want a baby kitty.
Mom: Well you know we can't have kitties, because dad is allergic, they make him really sick.
Addy: Dad's going to die..he wants to be with Jesus.
Mom: Did you just say that Dad is going to die?
Addy: yeah
Mom: Oh no...
Addy: Its okay mom, I'll take care of you. It will just be me and you. (pause) then we can get a kitty.
Mom: I think i would rather have dad than a kitty, wouldn't you?
Addy: No...I want a kitty.

one last one from Dad during prayer time at night.

Addy: Dad, I don't know how to get to Heaven?
Dad: Well, we trust that Jesus will get us to Heaven.
Addy: but I don't know how we are going to get there...Jesus can't carry us, there are too many.
Dad: I bet Jesus knows how to get us all there.
Addy: (climbs out of bed, walks over the window, lifts the blinds) but I don't know how we are going to get there...see there are no clouds to climb, and there are no stairs...I don't know we are going to get there!

(I know this is true with every kid, but it never ceases to amaze me how my child can be totally non communicative with me when I come home from work, and then can turn into a philosophical and theological savant at bedtime! From now on, I am going to tell her we can discuss her existential questions on her own time in the morning! Dad is going downstairs to watch basketball!)

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