Monday, February 23

Big Weekend at the Chapel

This weekend we celebrated the end of a 6 week series, Journeying in Faithm with a Baptism service for the whole church on Sunday AM. We had the students from MS adn HS come join the adults and had 2800 people in the two services combined. The best part was that Josh McDowell was in town to speak as well. Josh has written over 100 books on the historicity of Jesus including his best selling More than a Carpenter and Evidence that Demands a Verdict. He delivered the message on Sunday morning as well as speaking to us on Saturday night, to the WM Students on Friday, and then to our High School kids and parents on Sunday night. Here are some pics from the great day. (You can download his message on Why we can trust the Bible as Truth online from the Chapel site here.)

Check out his belt, it is literally a seat belt sewed together. He lives in CA, and has a house in Mexico, and totally dresses like a guy from the West Coast.

Somehow we fit in 38 baptisms into two services as well as giving Josh 30 minutes to talk. That was a logistical nightmare all week, but our Communications and Productions team was amazing at making it happen through video and printed materials.

We were so honored to be able to go out to lunch with Josh on Sunday after church along with some of the team that planned the entire weekend.

Here is a look at how crowded the Student Ministry room was on Sunday night as other churches sent their youth groups over as well. Many parents wanted to come hear him speak again as well.

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Grandma said...

Your big weekend with Josh McDowell was terrific. Glad you got to go out to lunch with him. What a big crowd and so many baptized. Praise the Lord. Thanks, for sending them to me. Grandma