Thursday, January 1

Christmas in DC

We spent the weekend in DC for some vacation and Christmas sight seeing. What was supposed to be a 5 day, 4 night hotel stay turned into 2 nights when the fam got sick. Addy with Bronchitis, Jack with an ear infection, and Dad with a sore throat that took his voice away. Mom was immune! Must be those cold Chicago winters she grew up enduring.

At the National Zoo.

Visiting with old small group mates, Chris, Becky and Abby Eason in Olt Town Alexandria.

Outside the White House Christmas Tree. The other girl is Tessa MacLeod. We spent Monday walking the mall with Scott and Amanda and their family.

The Natural History Museum, a big hit. Addy loved getting so close to all the life size replica animals.

We caught up with Molly Warrick (now Marfarland) at her office at the National Gallery, then went to her and Matt's house for dinner that night.

Winter Wonderland at the Botanical Gardens. We did have to talk to Addy about ripping flowers and throwing them at the train as it went by, she was creating quite a scene with some older women!

The Carousel in the Mall.

Jax took all the walking in stride and slept a bunch.

The National Aquarium.

Turtles, like the ones the kids got for Christmas from Florida.

This was our hotel, a great deal at 99 a night for a separate bedroom and a kitchen and dining area. Addy went to sleep here, then we carried her to the living room sofa.

Jax sleeping arrangements, the floor of the closet!

The road trip up, just wanted to show what Addy likes to travel with...a pillow, blanket, and two bed buddies. We spent 20 minutes while on the road trying to figure out how to make them all stay with her in the seat.

We did a ton in two days, mostly outside in cold weather, maybe that is why we were sick when it was over! Here is Addy on the walk back to the Metro...sleeping hard.

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