Sunday, October 19

The Post Vacation Mega Post...

We just got back from a wonderful week of vacation in New York City. Grandma French took Addy and Jax for 4 days so Kristyn and I could get some alone time. It was all wonderful. Here are some highlights of Mom and Dad's trip.

We commuted in from Ramsey, New Jersey each day where we stayed at Kristyn's cousin Carmen's In Laws. Random connection, but totally a God thing because we never could have afforded 4 nights in the city at 400 a night. Here is a shot of the kitchen we had coffee and cereal in every morning.

When we got back from the city each night, we watched something in the Theater Room downstairs.

We got in to Penn Station/MSG every morning. The Rangers are off to a 6-1 start, but we decided to go to 2 Broadway shows rather than a game.

Kristyn was ready to convert to NY style pizza after two straight days of slices for lunch.

Napping and reading paperbacks in Central Park.

The fountain from Ransom (when the boy is kidnapped).

Row boating in Central Park.

Kristyn's cousin Carmen's husband, Doug, is the lead singer of a new up and coming band SafetySuit that, randomly, had a one night gig in NYC while we were there. It was actually Doug's house we were staying at, so his Mom called and got us tickets. It was an acoustic set for some Radio Execs, small concert in a underground bar. We were so excited to be there.

One day we got a text from our friend Jay Cardiello who is the personal trainer for 50 Cent, that they were going to be in the NYC office for a meeting. So we walked over and got to spend about 10 minutes catching up with Jay on the stree outside MSG and the NYC Postoffice. From there, Jay was off to Atlanta, Las Vegas, Russia, and Chile. Crazy life!

We went to Wicked and Lion King on Broadway. Both amazing. Lion King with its music, art and costumes. Wicked with its fantastic story, acting, and humor.

The Lion King is held in the Minskoff Theater, right in Times Square, amazing view down over the center of the Universe.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour on Friday. Such an beautiful day.

Kristyn asked the tour guide what their system was for bag checking all the luggage that came in to America. Always looking to organize something...

and of couse, you can see where Kristyn spent most of her time in the city...

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Scott said...

You guys are always so much better at ditching your kids than we are. You should write a book titled, "How to safely deposit your children and then live off the land for a week."

Best seller!