Wednesday, May 14

Mom Takes Mother's Day Off

With the due date fast approaching, we took Addy to Grandma's house in Philly last Tuesday and headed out on one last week of sanity. Kristyn's grandparents have been snowbirds for years spending their Chicago winters in sunny Boca Raton, FL. They are no longer able to go their on their own so the McKendrick clan has been cleaning it out for rentals and family usage. We spent the week there helping clean up and relaxing by the pool, eating local food, and burying ourself in Michael Connelly novels. Here are pics from the week.

At Cheesecake Factory for dinner on our last night.

Kristyn at Little Havana, her "favorite restaurant in the whole world." She has like 6 of those, by the way.

Ice Cream cones at Doc's, in honor of our St.Louis friends, Doc, Katie and Finn Murphy. We walked through a street Jazz and Art fair while we ate

Some fierce shuffleboard action. You can see who won from the ego-maniacal, self aggrandizing photos below.

Here is a look at the place when we left. We will cut you a deal on monthly and weekly rates at Del Boca Vista, you can hang with the Costanza's and the Seinfeld's. Just remember, dinner is served promptly at 4:30.

I made my pregnant wife get up one morning at 6:35 to see the sunrise off the back porch. Then we slept in the next day until 10 AM. That was pure bliss!

Hope to have some pictures up soon from Addy and Grandma's adventures in Philly. They had a great time as well; riding the bus, playing with legos for the first time, and hanging out with new playmates at Wayne United Methodist Church. Thanks again Grandma for making our week wonderful!

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