Thursday, March 6

Vacation Theme 1: The Magic of Disney

The highlight of the trip was by far our last day when we went to the Magic Kingdom. Addy loved it all. At one point while we were waiting for a show to begin, she turned to us and said, "I love you Mom, I love you Dad. (then turning to random strangers sitting behind us) and I love all of my friends." Then she sang the Barney Song and gave us each hugs and kisses. We were in tears, it was so sweet.

Addy loved the musical show in front of Cinderella's castle.

Here she is during the afternoon parade.

Rather than wait in line for an hour to take a picture with Disney characters, we just sent Addy to the exit of the area and let her work her charm. Here she gets Tigger and Eeyore to wave and then come Tigger comes over and tries to give her a high five.

Of course, once he came over, she freaked out, and we didn't stop to see any more characters all day long. She told us, "Maybe they are scary. Yeah, maybe."

Here she does a little better when Chip, or Dale, comes over to get a low five.

Addy had been couped up for a while in her rented stroller (a Disney must) so we decided to let her out to walk around in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Of course we had no idea that she would take so long. The family behind us was so supportive of letting her walk on her own, that we let her walk the whole thing herself. Only as we reached the halfway point on the way down did we realize that we had backed up the entire ride to the entrance.

Ride Along with Addy on her favorite rides, the Tea Cups, It's a Small World, and some version of the Tea Cups that went up and down as we spun.

By the end of the day, Addy was pretty wiped out. Here we are watching the closing parade.

Thanks for the Magic, Mickey. See you again soon.

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