Wednesday, March 12

Finally, Something to Report

Yea!! Today we found out that we are having a little boy!! We are SO excited!! His name will be...well that is still being argued over. But Addy is already calling him "Choochie" (long story)

As always, this pregnancy is without complications however and we have to have a specialized ultrasound to make sure that nothing is wrong with his heart or kidneys. His heart looked great but apparently he only has one vein and one artery in his umbilical cord and should have 2 artery's. It is not totally uncommon and the Dr.'s have told us not to worry because typically everything is fine. So...we are just trusting the Lord again knowing he is allowing the best for us! We will let you know what the specialist says in the next few weeks after our appointment which is not scheduled yet. Please pray for continued good health for all of us!!

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