Sunday, February 17

...Through the Eyes of a Child

Mom and Dad have been amazed to hear how much of our real life is carrying over to Addy's pretend life that she creates in her playhouse that Grandma got her for Christmas. Here are some things we are learning about our family from watching Addy imitate us in her pretend world.

5. When you get in trouble, you have to go to time out, and you can't get out until you go and say, "I'm Sorry" to Mom or Dad.

4. The happiest part of the day is when Dad comes home from work. When he gets in the door, everyone has to go give him "lovies."

3. Mom takes a lots of naps. (This "depiction" of Mom does not make the real Mom very happy. Dad is convinced Addy does it because Addy always thinks Mom is sleeping in the morning when Dad gets her up. Really she is upstairs primping for the day.)

2. Only Dad is allowed to drive the car. Mom has to sit in the passenger seat.

1. Mom is not allowed in the kitchen. Dad is the only one who can cook with the stove. (There is not a lot to clean in a doll house, so Mom doesn't actually do much in play land.)

But my personal favorite it watching dolls play "chase" around a doll house. In play land, Dad and Addy chase each other right out the second floor windows, onto the roof, and then push each other off the roof when someone gets caught.

I guess I better lock Addy's windows.

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