Monday, February 4

Addy Has "A" Cake and Eats it "2"

Addy turns 2 on Tuesday, but as our tradition, we celebrated with friends on Super Bowl Sunday. Dad and Mom made a letter A cake to try to keep up the themed cake tradition that Grandma French started when Dad was a kid. (School buses, a huge driver's license, etc.) After weeks of practicing blowing out the candles, Addy got stage fright and Dad had to take them down for her. We will try again with some birthday morning pancakes tomorrow. Thanks for all of the Ritner friends who were able to make it. At one time we had 16 little kids running around the house. It was an extroverted family's dream!

(And a special shout out to Addy's friend Aly Warner who turned 2 as well over the weekend down in Atlanta. We are looking forward to seeing her in a couple weeks when we drive to Florida for vacation.)

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Warner Family said...

Happy 'almost' birthday, Addy! We thought about our first friend this weekend as we celebrated with Aly! Can't wait to get these girls together! Let us know the dates, when you get a chance!!
Love y'all!