Monday, June 18

The Intersection Marks 10,000 Hits

Our 10,000 hit came from a viewer in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey who came over from our link on the Grimes Blog. Just for some perspective, has 100 Million hits a day.

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The Vickerys said...

Hi guys! Ok, I totally need to know how you are tracking your hits... that is awesome.. defintely tkes you to a new blogging level. I hve something cool I found on one of my friends blog- it is a way through Google to tell you who has updated their blog so you don't have to go to all of your sites everyday!

Also, LOVE the mom-fia! Totally makes me wish I was back there with you guys! So fun! I will need to form a mom-fia here and hit up our famous 6th street :)

hope everyone is doing good! we are good, just a little sleep deprived!