Wednesday, July 26

Another Male Suitor Comes to Town

Addy was wooed once again this week by another WM Alumni's son. This time it was Tiffany Staley (formerly Tiffany Stopper, WM '97) with her mother and three adorable children, Emma Grace, Luke and Nate, who is about 10 days older than Addy. (Tiff's husband Jimmy was in Mexico on a SM missions trip.) Needless to say, Nate had goo goo eyes all dinner for Addy and we thoroughly approved. For those who know Tiffany and Jimmy, they are doing great down in their new house down in Cary, NC. Jimmy is still working as a Youth Pastor and Tiffany not only holds down the fort at home, but is an Power Seller on ebay as well. Check out NCTiffer on ebay here.

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