Monday, May 8

Proof that Addy is a Daddy's Girl

Well, as many of you probally know, Dad has kind of a thing about sleeping with wind blowing on him. He has had a fan in his bedroom since as long as he can remember and his bedroom was once referred to as the "Wind Tunnell". Part of it is the noise, part of it is the cold air, but it has just become accepted in the Ritner home. In fact our first purchase as an engaged couple was a set of matching fans for our bedside tables in seminary so Kristyn could get used to the sleeping conditions that would come with married life. All that to say, Dad has been slowly breaking Addy into the love of cold air on her face and she has come to love it! Here is a clip of Jon blowing on her face. Once she gets over the instinctual startle reflex all kids have, watch how much she enjoys it.

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