Friday, May 19

Decoding the Da Vinci Code

For the last three months Jon has been working with to cut 30 hours of video clips about the Da Vinci Code into 3-7 minute clips for the website. With this weekend's launch of the movie, we are expecting huge numbers of Google searches and direct link hits from church websites as well as major publicity from a national satellite broadcast Sunday night featuring Erwin Lutzer and Lee Strobel about the "historical" claims of the book. A recent survey of churches reported that more than 70% of them were planning on giving some sort of Christian response to the fictional claims of the book about Jesus.

Just so you know where Kristyn and I are on the controversy about the book...I have been rereading it, or re-listening to it on audio form, on my headphones when I mow the lawn each week, and we are going to see the movie tomorrow night. I hope the national press leads people to question the ridiculous nature of the claims of Dan Brown, but man is it a page turner!

Here is one clip from the website that we uploaded onto You Tube.

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