Thursday, March 16

Survive and Advance!

March Madness has begun at the Ritner home. Mostly Addy driving Mommy mad by not sleeping during the day. Mom officially resigned her job today to allow her to stay home with Addy. Her maternity leave was to end Friday and the thought of bringing Addy into the office to work was just to much to conceive with her sleeplessness during the day. Looks like Mom's Fighting Illini will survive the First Round. Hope Dad's Tar Heels win tomorrow. The only thing Mom and Dad can agree on for Addy is that she hates Duke like her parents.

Jon's brother and sister-in-law left today for a four month work assignment in India. Check out Dan and Courtney's Blog online as well Jon's news blog, This Weeks Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us.

We are looking forward to seeing family next week as the Midwest comes to Virginia! See you all soon.

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