Monday, March 27

Blog Testimony: Lives are Being Changed!

This blog has changed my life. No. Really. I no longer watch TV, study, talk to my friends or family, or even feel a need to bathe. I sit in front of my 27’ flat screen monitor pressing re-load, sometimes I get lucky and my big brother has posted a blog update in the off-season (days other than Mon or Fri). I have a betting system in my house and place of work. This involves everyone putting money down on how long it will take me until Addy’s Mon/Fri pics make it onto my desk top, screen saver and cell phone background. To satisfy your curiosity…I have got it down to 7 minutes before I get the picture up in all these places. In the past month my housemates have even switched from watching Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy to watching “re-runs” of the Addy videos. I am assured that they delight in this pleasure as much as me. When parties visit our townhouse, I even put up the projector screen with Addy pictures and updates for added entertainment. Needless to say, my adorable niece Addy has completed my life. My grades may be failing and my clothes haven’t been washed since early February…but this is a mere sacrifice for such a beautiful baby and her amazing parents. I love you Ritners!

-Aunt Jessica

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